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  • This is a special time in my life and this challenge marks another chapter to be written. I eagerly start my role as CEO and President of this 100 year old massively traditional and iconic organization. Webster defines an organization as “an administrative and functional structure or the personnel of such a structure”

    If Webster views (us) as a structure that’s good enough for me.

    Ours, or any structure, requires a solid foundation to build upon.

    I would like to summarize my view of the parts of the organization we have in place and the parts we need to address in order to “Build and Grow”, and for the continued health of our chamber.

    First, is the solid professional body and framework we call our Board of Directors. They are: Capable, intelligent, willing, forward thinking, caring and most of all committed. Committed to our principles of:

    Service to the Pinellas Park’s community and businesses

    The Second part of our foundation is: the support staff for membership and operations. I want to welcome our newly acquired, highly motivated, trustworthy, efficient, office manager and all around “Houdini”, Holly McWeeney. She has already moved the needle for membership and back end operational alignment. Welcome aboard Holly!

              -Off point for a moment: I personally want to express our board of directors’ sincere appreciation to Nancy Hodges for (literally) keeping our Pinellas Park Chamber (on the tracks). She has worked tirelessly, over the past few months since Larry Steinhoff’s passing. Nancy and Holly have opened our eyes to multiple issues and quickly resolved them in an incredibly caring and professional manner, “Thank you Nancy”.

    Thirdly, is the focus we should have on building our base of membership and developing a closer working relationship with our “key” community business partners, our Pinellas County officials, our State Representatives, and of course our continued close relationship with The City of Pinellas Park and all of its divisions.

    I will strive to lead our Board to:

              - Be proactive with the Mayor’s office

              - Bring awareness to the needs of our large, medium and
                small key cornerstone business partners equality by
                showcasing our Chamber’s strength and abilities to help
                and foster growth for these businesses and our
                community partners

    -Bring the deliverables our business community is asking  for and deserve

    -As we conquer these challenges, our local businesses will hopefully become “dependent” on us to continue our laser focus to help them grow and thrive in their respective fields.

    -As we meet the needs of our community and businesses, we will grow membership through personal outreach, and referrals.

    - As we grow our finances will grow accordingly; affording us the opportunities to give back even more to the community we serve.

    In conclusion: Let us never forget, we are here to serve….May I ask you:

    “How may   “WE”   serve you?”


    Michael Whitaker, President 2016

    Pinellas Park/Gateway Chamber of Commerce

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