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  • Pinellas Park Medical District Board & Committees Functions


    Effective August 9, 2012

    Board of Directors:

    Responsible for the management of district business serving its members.  Responsible for the creation and appointments to all committees and all staff functions.

    Organizational Structure and By-Laws:

    The District has a name, a Board of Directors, a set of Advisory Committees and is organized as a sub entity of the Pinellas Park Gateway Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Committee.  This committee is responsible for drafting the permanent organizational structure of the District , developing operating procedures and by-laws.

    Facility Development:

    physical structures. The committee shall be the lead advisor in the development of a possible YMCA and District Health Clinic. The committee shall advise participating organizations about issues of zoning, building, construction, design and the availability of dirt and space.

    Branding & Marketing:

    The committee shall advise the Board on how to best provide an identity and positive image to the District and its members. The committee shall develop an effective marketing campaign to increase member business.

    Web Services: Our web master.

    Responsible for ensuring accurate and up to date information is on the District Website serving the district and the individual members. To a great extent, the website will serve as the face of the organization in many instances.

    Benefits and member services: Dr. Kevin Lee

    Responsible for identifying and quantifying benefits of membership and ensuring member needs are met. The committee shall be responsible for recommending membership requirements and eligibility Advocate and develop specific products and services that improve members’ productivity and profits.

    Vendor Development:

    Establish a mechanism for review and evaluation of products and services that may be marketed to member organizations. Develop products that may be of common benefit to multiple members. For example, group medical and insurance plans, software and packaged property management services, etc.


    Responsible for Financial oversight of District funds. Will seek seed money for the District’s initial start up period and will develop and implement a permanent revenue and budget strategy. Responsible for drafting the annual district budget.

    Government Relations:

    Responsible for maintaining good communications with the City, County, Region and State by share information on the Pinellas Park Medical District mission.

    Research and Goals:

    This is the Boards Strategic Planning Committee. It will identify organization’s goals, recommend to the Board a mission statement, research special partnerships of common interests and evaluate health related legislative actions.

    Medical device and equipment manufacturers:

    This committee shall focus on the unique needs of the medical manufacturing sector. Their mission shall be to assist in the expansion of existing medical product manufacturing firms and attract additional medical manufactures to the PPMD region. They shall identify prospective manufacturers, their needs and if necessary refer them to the Facility Development Committee.

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